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To Blog or Not to Blog?

That is the question I’ve been tossing around in my head for months.

Here’s the thing: Before today, I’ve never written a blog. Despite knowing the professional and personal values of blogging, the idea of doing it has always seemed overwhelming to me, so I’ve simply “skipped it.” But to be successful in life, we can’t always skip things because they seem overwhelming. So, I’m putting on my tutoring hat and talking to myself as I’d speak to a client who is hesitant to learn or practice a new skill.

1. Enhance your strengths!

Everyone has strengths to enhance. Just because I help others improve their skills in reading, writing, and executive functioning doesn’t mean I don’t have any skills to enhance. Yes, I’ve published a doctoral dissertation and peer-reviewed journal articles, so my writing is decent (at least in the academic sense). But anyone who has read a blog before this one knows a blog should not be written in a formal, academic style. Diving into blogging will help me learn how to write informally. To jumpstart the process, yesterday I actually joined a blogging mastermind group! Who knew one exists just for tutors?! I’m hopeful that participating in the group will help enhance my writing strengths. Not only should it help me become a better blogger, but a better tutor, too!

2. Go outside your comfort zone! Push yourself beyond your limits!

These are the things I tell my students when they hesitate to try new things because they feel uncomfortable or the tasks seem difficult. Now I’m telling myself the same thing about blogging. Figuring out the technology, putting myself out there, and writing informally are all outside my comfort zone. I’m taking my own advice. I’m pushing myself past my typical limits and am trying something new.

3. It might surprise you!

Sure, the idea of coming up with interesting topics and writing in an entirely new way seems overwhelming at the moment, but I’m remaining hopeful and open minded. The other day a friend posted a grainy, old picture on Facebook of a little boy eating a bowl of cereal. As soon as I saw it, the old phrase “Mikey likes it!” popped into my head. For those of you who weren’t watching TV during the 12 years the Life cereal commercial ran in the 70s and 80s, Mikey’s brothers were amazed when he tried the cereal and didn’t spit it back out into the bowl. “He likes it,” his brothers exclaimed. Mikey liked it and maybe (hopefully!) I will, too!

So here I go! I’m officially a blogger!

Now my questions for you- what topics would you like me to cover in my blogs? What would you find helpful to know as a parent of a child with learning differences? What skills would you like to enhance to help you get through your day?

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