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Our son struggled with the workload and responsibility challenges presented by the transition to middle school. With Stephanie’s help, he was able to create a reliable organization system and build effective study habits that have served him well.  We highly recommend Stephanie as a friendly and relatable resource for middle to high school age students. 


                                                       - Abby F. (Parent)

Stephanie worked with my son, who is dyslexic. She was terrific. She found creative ways to keep him engaged, learning about him and what he liked to incorporate things he enjoyed into every lesson. While he hated reading and everything associated with it, he loved his time with Stephanie and always asked when he could work with her next. He made amazing progress working with her. I would strongly recommend Stephanie as a tutor!

- Sarah A. (Parent)

Ms. Gerstenblith built a strong connection with my child in order to hold her attention and support her overcoming challenges with dyslexia. She was patient, warm, and found topics of interest for my child to ensure commitment to the task at hand. She was responsible for helping her attain on-grade level reading and providing the right approach, using the Orton-Gillingham method, to fill the gaps that her public school refused to fill. My child never resisted attending her sessions and we are grateful for Ms. Gerstenblith for seeing the whole child including her strengths to raise her self-esteem.

- Iran N. (Parent)

Ms. Gerstenblith is a natural with children. She provides multisensory, individualized tutoring to students, utilizing the Orton-Gillingham approach for students with Dyslexia. Ms. Gerstenblith makes tutoring more fun and engaging for her students, which promotes higher-level learning. She also works on Executive Function skills, in teaching her students how to organize their materials, time, and space for home and school. I strongly recommend Ms. Gerstenblith as a private tutor and Executive Function Coach. 

- Karen M. (Tutor)

My daughter struggled with reading, which led to a loss of confidence and interest. Stephanie made reading fun again! She found ways to connect with my creative daughter, creating games and exciting adventures around reading. Reading became fun again and a highlight of the week. My daughter is now back on track and loves reading. Thank you, Stephanie!

                                                     - Mark D. (Parent)

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